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About Varsity Lodge  
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Varsity Lodge is a unique investment to overcome the accommodation problems of students at the PUK. The strict precautions taken with lodging at the university's hostels have caused a sense of uncertainty amongst students about their lodging for the next year of studies.

The number of students at the PUK has increased dramatically from 2001 to 2002 and this growth is expected to continue for 2003. There is a shortage of accommodation for the current students, not to mention the new student applications.

The aim of this development is to create an atmosphere where students can enjoy their academic and social lives to the full. (Varsity Lodge is within walking distance from the University and the "Bult" - the gathering place of the students).

Varsity Lodge is 161 units that consist of one and two bedroom accommodation as well as under-roof parking for each student. There is 4 blocks with a courtyard and garden so students can relax in safety. The main entrance to each block is controlled by security control. Furthermore there are high security walls with an intercom system, separate laundromat, swimming pool and lapa.

Construction of the first phase of 48 units will start in July 2002 and will be ready for occupation on 1 February 2003.

The units are spacious and comfortable - equipped with an electrical pay meter and a computer point for internet access. Investors are being offered two methods by which to acquire accommodation for their children.
  • Varsity Lodge are being sold as a sectional title from R 149,000 VAT and transfer included. This is for a one-bedroom unit with under-roof parking.

  • The investor can alternatively purchase term based accommodation rights. These units will be furnished on request and sold at a fixed amount from R 53,650 for 4 years or other terms to suit the student's needs. The accommodation rights protects the investor against future price increases, but also offers the opportunity to sell or rent the unit during the period as the family's needs changes.
The investor will pay a levy of R 198-00 p/m because the renting company will do the maintenance. The rented units will be furnished at an extra cost.

The developer plans to turn this project into an outstanding complex in Potchefstroom. You can reserve a unit now by simply signing a purchase-deed and paying R 5,000-00 secure deposit. Buy or rent now to prevent future disappointment.
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